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English lessons through Skype

Joystream Online English offers English lessons through one-on-one classes using Skype.

"It's nice to travel to different countries but I can't carry a conversation."
"Someday, I would like to study in English-speaking countries."
"I would like to help foreign tourists who come to Japan."
"I need to learn English for my job."
"I want to get a high score in my test."

In our school, we offer a variety of English lessons to suit your needs. We have several courses you can choose from.

After registering for the first time, you can take 2 free trial lessons for 25 minutes each.


We have an excellent team of teachers from different countries. Click their profiles for more information.

Teachers’ Availability

Please click above to see their availability.


Noel is an American ESL Teacher and editor currently living in Ukraine. He is TEFL certified and is recommended for students in the intermediate level and above. Noel can teach regular lessons (except children’s English lessons), TOEFL Speaking, Business Class, Job Interview, and travel English. Noel likes writing, classical music, ballet and golf.


Ekaterina is a Russian TEFL certified teacher who has taught English in different countries. She has traveled to many different countries. Her lessons are fun and exciting because of her vibrant personality. She can teach regular courses, business class, Job Interview and travel English. Ekaterina likes writing, traveling, yoga and blogging.


Polina is a Russian ESL teacher currently living in Vietnam. She has traveled to many different countries and has also taught dancing to children. She is able to speak several other languages. She is able to teach regular lessons (except children’s English) and all the special courses that we offer. Polina likes learning foreign languages, writing poetry, reading and dancing.


Mila is a Serbian ESL teacher. She loves Japanese culture and can speak the language. She also currently teaches Japanese in her country. She is recommended for elementary to pre-intermediate levels. She is able to teacher regular lessons (except Business English), TOEFL Speaking, travel English conversation, and Job Interview. Mila likes the Japanese language and culture, spending time with family and friends, and listening to music.


Mel is an ESL teacher from the Philippines. He has worked as a quality assurance analyst for foreign companies and has also attended the graduate school for MBA. He has taught Business English to Koreans online. He is able to teach regular lessons, business class, interview measures,and travel English. Mel likes reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts and is into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


Iris is an ESL teacher from the Philippines and is currently undergoing TEFL certification which she hopes to finish as soon as possible. She is a full-time work-at-home mom and is a freelancer. She is able to teacher regular lessons (except children’s English), Business English, Job Interviews and travel English. Iris likes watching videos on Youtube and Netflix, reading, trying out new restaurants and traveling.

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