July 4, 2016

Q: Can you tell me about Joystream Online English?
A: We are an online English school and offering practical lessons for English learners via Skype. We offer 25min/per class for a general conversation class and specialized intensive courses such as TOEFL Speaking Intensive, Job Interview Preparation and so on. You can take a class whenever/ wherever with your most suitable schedule. Our regular monthly course is 6,480 yen with 8 tickets (1 ticket = 25 min). The fee of intensive course varies. Now we are offering a special cashback campaign for regular monthly course!! We will give you cashback for your enrollment/renewal every month after your settlement within 10 days for the first 100 people who successfully enrolled.

Q: What kind of lessons do you offer?
A: For regular monthly students: Free conversation, Text books (face2face for general conversations, Market Leader for Business English), Web article discussions and Kids English
For Intensive courses: TOEFL Speaking Intensive, Business English Intensive, Job-interview preparation and Travel English
Editing service is also available. Please go to “Course Rates” page for more details.

Q: What kind of materials can I use in the class?
A: There are several text books and web materials such as news articles available (Using the text books is not mandatory). Please see “Text Books” page if you prefer to use. You can purchase these books through Amazon and local book stores. You can also choose your favorite web article in the class.

Q: Can I take a class from overseas?
A: Yes. You can take a class wherever you live if you have the required environment to use the internet and Skype. Teacher’s schedule page will be shown in your time zone, along with Japan time. So just in case, please check both your local time and the time shown on schedule are correct. If it’s not your local time shown on the schedule, please let us know.

Q: Is there a local support?
A: The online support in English and Japanese via Skype and e-mail are available. Please feel free to contact at hr.joystream on Skype or send your message by contact form on the web. We will try to help you as soon as we can.

Q: How many times can I take a free trial lesson?
A: We offer a free trial lesson 25 min per class twice!!!

Q: What is the duration of each class?
A: The duration of each class is 25 min.

Q: When will you charge the fee?
A: The fee will be charged when you have settled the payment through Paypal.

Q: How can I pay for the course fee?
A: We gladly accept the payment method by Paypal with your credit card.
Please go to “Course and Fee” page and select your suitable course. Press the “Purchase Now” button and you will be redirected to Paypal.
– Regular Monthly Students: All you have to do is apply for the course via Paypal, you will be automatically charged the course fee every month.
– Special Intensive Course Students: You will be charged the course fee once when you apply for the course via Paypal.
For more information about Paypal., please visit Paypal Homepage.

Q: Do you have pro-rated charging if I enrolled in the school during the month?
A: No pro-rated charging for all courses. The course length for the regular monthly course is 30 days from the date of the settlement date.

Q: What is the additional ticket?
A: This is an optional service for Regular Monthly Students who wish to take more classes other than tickets distributed on a monthly basis. You will be able to purchase them from four tickets.

Q: Can I purchase only additional tickets to take a class?
A: No. The additional ticket is the optional service for Regular Monthly Students who enrolled the course.

Q: By when should I book the class?
A: The reservation of a lesson must be done until 3 hours before the start of the class.

Q: By when can I cancel the class?
A: The cancellation of a lesson must be done until 3 hours before the start of the class and your ticket will be automatically returned to your account. When you cancel a lesson after 3 hours before the start of the class, your ticket will no longer be returned. You can make the cancellation on your membership page.

Q: How many classes can I book at once?
A: There is no maximum limit for the class reservation. You will be able to book as many classes as you can as your holding tickets. You can book consecutive classes even 3 or more!! If you would like to take a break between 2 consecutive classes, please let the teacher know.

Q: What will happen if the class is cancelled by the teacher?
A: We will return your ticket to your account and you will be able to book another class again.

Q: Is there an expiration date for a ticket?
A: The expiration date of tickets for Regular Membership Students is 30 days from the every settlement date. For Intensive course students, 90 days from the course settlement date. There is a no expiration date for the editing service ticket.

Q: I would like to stop to take the regular monthly course temporary and would like to take one of intensive courses. What should I do?
A: To stop the payment for the regular monthly course, go to the “Course Rates” Page and click the “Cancellation” button on the Regular Monthly Course section before 3 days of your next settlement date. Your payment process will automatically be cancelled via Paypal. After this process, please purchase one of your suitable intensive courses. Holding your tickets when you cancelled the regular course will be used within the regular course expiration date.

Q: I would like to know how to stop the course / how to withdraw the school.
Please read the following info first before each procedure of absence /withdrawal!! This is extremely important!!
Absence” —- This means “temporary absence” and your settlement procedure will be automatically stopped via Paypal. If there are remaining tickets at that time, you will be able to use the ticket within the expiration date of your course. Your data will remain on our database. We will not refund for the remaining tickets. To restart to take classes, please go to “Course and Fee” page and purchase the course again.
Withdrawal” — This means your all data will be deleted from our database and the data will no longer exist in the database even remaining tickets. First please use your remaining tickets before withdrawal process. The settlement procedure will be automatically stopped via Paypal.

Then, go to the “Absence / Withdrawal” page on your membership page and choose and click “Absence” or “Withdrawal” button 3 days before your next settlement date. We will not refund for your remaining tickets.

Q: Can I register in the school after withdrawing?
A: Yes. You must register in the school again. However you are not subject to the free trial student status anymore.

Q: When I do not attend the class on time, what will happen?
A: If you attend late within 10 minutes, you may still be allowed to take the class; however, the time of your class will not be extended.
If you attend late more than 10 minutes after the scheduled, the class will be cancelled and you will lose the ticket.

Q: If the class is not offered by unforeseen circumstances, what will happen?
A: If the length of time of your class was more than 5 minutes shorter due to following occurrence, we will return your ticket to your account. The expiration date of the ticket will be extended 30 days from the return.
 The unforeseen circumstances: problem of the internet connection , blackout, a natural disaster, and any kind of teacher’s side problem
The delay and absence of students will not be the subject to the ticket return.

Q: Do you have an available for a substitute teacher when the class cancellation by the teacher?
A: There are no substitute teachers available at this moment. We will return your ticket to your account.

Q: I haven’t received Skype call from a teacher at the time of class start, what should I do?
A: There is a sometimes Skype call problem. First, we suggest you to try to call teacher. If you still can’t contact the teacher, please let us know by Contact Form on our website or let our admin know (skype ID: hr.joystream).
We will investigate the status of the teacher and also we will return your ticket if it is necessary.